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You can make a tremendous impact at Angelo State through .

你的 礼物 allow 学生s to
experience real growth.

Two male 学生s share a laugh as they walk on a long sidewalk on their first day of school

Real opportunities.

ASU Commercial Aviation 学生s inspecting their aircraft.

你的 impact isn’t just a monetary one. You’re helping 学生s achieve their dreams.

Create a Better Angelo State

Whether it’s through scholarships or endowments, you can make higher education more accessible. In an age where access to higher education depends largely on finances, you help Angelo State stay committed to providing vital resources for our 学生s.

A 学生 excited about receiving her diploma

Establish your legacy


As a scholarship donor, you create opportunities for 学生s to achieve their goals and transform their lives through higher education.

A professor showing 学生s how to use a sonogram

Long-lasting support


You can help support the future of ASU by establishing an endowment.

wide lens angled view of building

The spirit of philanthropy


Planned 礼物 from ASU alumni and 朋友s are crucial investments in the future of our institution and an opportunity for you to leave a lasting legacy at Angelo State University.

Students walk by the Porter Henderson 图书馆 and talk.

Gifts with influence


As an 年度基金 donor you can select the college or program that will benefit from your funds.

black and white photo of rotc 学生s

Once a ram, always a ram

Honorary and Memorial

A gift in memory or in honor of a relative, 朋友, 学生, professor or teacher is a generous and thoughtful way to recognize a person’s life and accomplishments.

Students working during a class in a computer lab

It’s all about the 学生s


There are so many opportunities to make your impact on Angelo State.

Other Ways to Give

Gifts are Tax-Deductible

Remember, 礼物 made to ASU and the ASU基金会 are deductible for tax purposes. Upon receiving your gift, we will promptly forward you a receipt.