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At Angelo State, nba官方正规买球网站致力于让你的大学经历成为你所做过的最好的投资之一. nba官方正规买球网站将为您提供高质量的教育,成本将帮助您在四年(或更短)内毕业!) with as little debt as possible.

Types of Aid

nba官方正规买球网站十分之九的学生获得某种形式的经济援助. nba官方正规买球网站提供各种各样的经济援助选择,包括一些完全基于经济需要的选择. For 2022-23, we awarded over $65 million 通过奖学金、助学金和其他援助项目.

A professor working with students


nba官方正规买球网站管理着600多个不同的奖学金项目, and you could earn up to $52,000 over four years.

A student studying outdoors on campus


nba官方正规买球网站根据你的FAFSA确定的经济需求提供了几个资助项目. 最棒的是,补助金不需要偿还.


Blue and Gold Guarantee

如果你有重大的经济需求,你可能有资格 free tuition to attend Angelo State!

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贷款是一种常见的经济援助形式,可以通过联邦政府获得, state and private programs.


Work Study



Military and VA Education Benefits

无论你是现役军人还是退伍军人, nba官方正规买球网站的退伍军人服务中心的工作人员将帮助您获得并充分利用您的军事和退伍军人教育福利.

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Texas Leadership Scholars

连接,引导和确保你的路径 free college education!

We don’t compromise on quality.

当谈到如何nba官方正规买球网站学费时,有很多事情要考虑. We’re with you every step of the way!

ASU Tuition and Fees


Tuition Estimator



Federal Student Aid Estimator


Net Price Calculator


How to Apply for Financial Aid


  • “My goal with college was that my family wouldn’t have to pay for any of it. 多亏了nba官方正规买球网站的奖学金,我不用自掏腰包付一分钱.”

    Hope Jenson, Biology, ROTC

  • “Without these scholarships, I’d just be dreaming. But now, I can actually make it happen.”

    Macy McNutt, Animal Science

  • “Angelo State University prides itself in offering an affordable, 通过nba官方正规买球网站杰出奖学金进行素质教育. nba官方正规买球网站杰出奖学金在帮助学生支付学费和规划未来职业方面非常有影响力.”

    Rachel Riggs, Class of 2014 and 2016

  • “I am very blessed because of the scholarships I’ve received. Because donors are willing to help so much enables individual students to have peace of mind about their finances and focus on their academic interests and activities. I’m incredibly grateful that they chose me.”

    Tressa Reading, Mathematics, Pre-Health Professions Program, Class of 2024

  • “The multiple scholarships I have earned allowed me to continue my studies, even with the recent pandemic, which has severely affected my family. 我非常感激能有机会在nba官方正规买球网站学习,我非常感谢我所得到的每一点帮助.”

    Eduardo Aguirre Serrata, Chemistry

  • “My college education was self-funded, 所以我选择了nba官方正规买球网站,因为它为我提供了以合理的成本获得高质量计算机科学学位的最佳机会.”

    Bryan Heflin, Owner, Best Made Designs, LLC, Class of 1987

  • “Knowing that I’m going to graduate from ASU without any debt gives me incredible peace of mind. I just feel very blessed to have received these opportunities.”

    Tressa Reading, Mathematics, Pre-Health Professions Program, Class of 2024

  • “There are so many scholarship opportunities that give you the chance to graduate debt-free. Students come from all over because they recognize the value of ASU.”

    Laura Scott, Class of 2002, B.A. in Communication

  • “Getting a degree from ASU helped me graduate debt-free, thanks to my scholarship.”

    Jordan Sefcik, Class of 2012

  • “Because of the scholarships, I’m not constantly worried about working to support myself or pay for college. I can invest that time and effort into extracurricular activities.”

    Tressa Reading, Mathematics, Pre-Health Professions Program, Class of 2024

  • “Angelo State is such a special and unique place. 你找不到很多学校提供有声望的教育和慷慨的奖学金机会.”

    Sierra Brooks, Class of 2022

  • “I chose Angelo State because of the nationally-ranked academic programs and the ability to graduate debt free.”

    Trevor Schwartz, Agribusiness

  • “Receiving the ASU Distinguished Scholarship was very beneficial to me because it helped me get books and cover what was left over that financial aid didn’t pay. I wouldn’t have gotten that kind of scholarship somewhere else.”

    Marcus Jasso, Class of 2024, Nursing


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