The original buildings at nba官方正规买球网站 were surrounded by undeveloped land.

After an unsuccessful 1923 bid to be selected as the home of Texas Technological College, the residents of San Angelo decided they would create their own college, 即使他们必须自己付钱. 资金来自当地捐款和自行征收的县税, San Angelo Junior College opened its doors in 1928 on North Oakes Street near downtown San Angelo.

上课时间, 112 students enrolled with city students paying $75 tuition and out-of-town students $115. In May 1929, six students walked across the stage in the institution’s first commencement exercise. 今天,nba官方正规买球网站在全球拥有44,000多名校友.

Barely had the college opened its doors than the Stock Market collapsed in 1929 and plunged the country into the Great Depression throughout the 1930s. 但学院坚持了下来, even dropping “Junior” from its name to become San Angelo College, 或囊, as it would be known until it became Angelo State College in 1965, 然后是1969年的nba官方正规买球网站.

SAC survived the downturn of the Depression and the World War II years with an eye toward the future. 已经超过了市中心的校园, 学院打算搬到现址, though tax monies were inadequate to make the change to a new campus. The residents of San Angelo stepped in and raised $300,000 to help make the transition. The university broke ground on the 政府 Building in 1947.

到了50年代, SAC在西大街N号的新校园里成长, 多亏了《nba官方正规买球网站》和对教育的日益重视. In 1957, the institution won the first of its three team national championships, taking the national title in basketball for the National Junior College Athletic Association.

在50年代, SAC是种族关系的先驱, 在布朗诉布朗案的前一年招收了第一批黑人学生. Board of Education and in 1955 graduating its first black student, 玛丽·弗朗西斯·辛普森, 那一年的优秀毕业生. SAC also broke the color barrier in Texas intercollegiate football in 1953 when Ben Kelly, 那个学年之后谁会被评为班级宠儿, 开始为公羊队效力. Two years later, he would be drafted by the San Francisco Forty-Niners.

The 1960s were a time of change as San Angelo College evolved into a four-year, 州立大学, fulfilling the dreams of local residents all the way back to the 1920s. 政府. John Connally in 1963 signed legislation making SAC a state institution and a part of what became the Texas State University System. 在国家的支持下, 校园扩大了, taking on much of its current look and character with a huge building boom.

During the 1970s, the ASU campus flourished as the Baby Boomers arrived in full force. 女子校际田径运动始于1975年. In 1978 the Rams earned the National Association of Intercollegiate 体育运动 National Championship in football.

1978年去世后,长期支持nba官方正规买球网站的罗伯特·G. Carr established a foundation funded by his mineral and royalty interests from oil-producing properties in 16 West Texas counties. 他的妻子, 卡尔诺娜, would add her interest in those properties to the foundation upon her death nine years later. 罗伯特·G. 和Nona K. 卡尔的基础, established to provide scholarships for “needy and worthy” students, 会对nba官方正规买球网站产生深远影响吗. 首届奖学金于1981年颁发. By 2007 the fund was valued at more than $65 million and provided scholarships for one in every six ASU students annually.

By 1991, ASU was receiving national attention, being recognized by U.S. 新闻与世界报道 作为全国最有前途的大学之一. 从1996年到2006年的十年间, nba官方正规买球网站迎来了第二大建筑热潮, leaving the university with one of the most modern campuses in the state. In 2004, the ASU softball team captured the school’s third national title, 赢得了NCAA二级联赛冠军.

Local residents once again demonstrated their support and interest in the institution when they petitioned legislators in 2007 to move nba官方正规买球网站 from the Texas State University System to the 德克萨斯理工大学系统. With legislative approval and the governor’s signature, that move became effective on Sept. 2007年1月1日,也就是布朗博士去世后的三个月. 约瑟夫·C. 拉罗就任第九任总统.

大学礼堂的内爆, 也被称为妇女大厦, 标志着2009年是nba官方正规买球网站历史上爆炸性的一年, 并允许进一步的校园发展和扩张. The coordinated effort required months of planning and drew some 6,000 spectators.

In 2010, the Rambelles track and field team garnered ASU’s fourth national title as it claimed the NCAA Division II Outdoor National Championship. 公羊队也进入了前10名, 16 ASU athletes earned All-America honors at the championship meet.

Another milestone came for the university in 2011 when fall semester enrollment surpassed 7,第一次有1000名学生. In 2012, ASU awarded its first doctoral degree as Brett Ashford received his doctorate in physical therapy.

ASU also continued to attract national attention in 2012 when it was named for the fourth straight year to the 普林斯顿评论的 “最佳大学”指南. The recognition is significant because selection to the list is based largely on surveys of current students.

2012年另一件值得注意的事情是任命Dr. 布莱恩J. nba官方正规买球网站的校长. 该机构的10人th 自1928年成立以来一直担任主席, May is the first ASU alumnus to hold the top leadership position.

2013年是nba官方正规买球网站的第85届th 周年纪念日, 这所大学用它的第一次集资活动来庆祝, 筹集了超过3500万美元. A new construction boom began in 2014 with major renovations to several athletic facilities, and ASU received initial approval for a new civil engineering program in conjunction with the largest private donation in school history for a new engineering lab facility.

Growth was the major theme for 2015 with a new record fall enrollment of 8,156, 部分原因是一项新的校外双学分计划, continued increases in graduate students taking online courses, 以及新土木工程项目的启动. 2016年入学人数继续增长, as did campus construction with renovation of the baseball stadium and ground breaking for the first new academic buildings on the main campus since 2005.

In 2017, 亨特菌株工程实验室设施已经完工, and the building for the Archer College of Health and Human Services neared completion in 2018. 另外四个项目也已开工, 以及校园人行道和景观的升级.